‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood a Lousy Driver!

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“Teen Mom” Amber Portwood clearly did not pay too much attention in driver’s education class. Somewhere in that class, she missed that fact that she should follow the car in front of her at a safe distance.

Unfortunately, for Amber Portwood, she decided that “safe distance” stands for “tailgating.” Amber now has a smashed up car and some innocent driver has a banged up 2003 Saturn after Portwood thought it was a good idea to ram into it. Yep, she was not paying attention when the guy driving the Saturn tried to turn into his driveway in Anderson, Indiana.

The “Teen Mom” claimed that the guy jammed the brakes and made a sudden turn into the driveway. The odds of the owner of a house having to make an abrupt stop so he did not miss his driveway are somewhere between zero and zero! In other words, Amber is probably not telling the truth.

Odds are that Amber Portwood was probably talking on the cell phone, playing with the radio, or texting… all things that would leave her too busy to notice a guy who is turning into his driveway in the car in front of her. Then again, perhaps she was distracted because she might have to go to jail for two years for a probation violation. Certainly, a citation for following too closely is just piling on. Talk about lousy karma!

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