‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Admits She’s Been an Unfit Mother

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood has admitted at a closed door hearing on Wednesday that she has been an unfit mother to her daughter Leah. She met in front of Judge Jack Brinkman at the Madison County Court in Indiana.

According to RadarOnline, Portwood withdrew claims that she was not guilty of hitting her former fiance and Leah’s father, Gary Shirley. Withdrawing these claims means she has admitted to the abuse.

Wednesday’s hearing was technically a child protective custody hearing, and was also attended by Gary Shirley. Amber Portwood has custody of 2-year-old Leah, but is under strict supervision from the Child Protective Services in Indiana. If CPS can prove at any time that Portwood is unfit or that her home is unsuitable for a child, custody of Leah will revert to Shirley.

Is Teen Mom Amber Portwood attempting to turn over a new leaf? Is her admission of having been an unfit mom a revelation to herself in addition to those who realized this already? Could the young woman finally be putting some thought into her situation as a young single mother?

Portwood’s rap sheet sort of speaks for itself. In addition to striking Gary Shirley and causing disturbances both inside and outside of her home, she also was stopped for what officers believed was drunk driving recently. She passed the sobriety test, however, and was only charged for driving with a suspended license.

It will be imperative to Leah’s future that Amber Portwood stay on the up and up, but that’s not likely to happen. It’s almost as though the young mother craves attention, a trait that was undoubtedly exacerbated with her time on the Teen Mom reality show. Putting an attention fiend in front of rolling cameras only makes her crave attention that much more.

Still Portwood took a step in the right direction with her admissions to the judge on Wednesday and the withdrawal of her “not guilty” plea. It will be interesting to see if this law-abiding trend is a lasting one, or if Amber Portwood was just attempting to call the court’s bluff.

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