Teen Mom Amber Portwood Charged with Domestic Violence – locals call her a ‘jobless buffoon’

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Reality TV shows — a scourge or a boon? We all watch reality TV shows.

Well, maybe not all of us — but a lot of us have watched at least one episode of one show.

Some are  reality TV show addicts. Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood, 20,  is in the news again.

Once again, the news is not pretty.

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Teen Mom is an MTV spinoff of MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant, produced by Morgan Freeman. Freeman is also a producer/consultant for Teen Mom.

Many watchers of Teen Mom have been pretty disgusted with the behavior of Amber Portwood.


Today, Portwood was charged with three counts of domestic violence for hitting her boyfriend Gary Shirley, in front of their infant daughter, Leah.

These events do not happen alone. We do not know a lot about her background with her family, or with Gary Shirley’s family. Shirley is bigger than Portwood and could have decked her flat within seconds.

According to the New York Daily News, reporting from TMZ.com, Portwood 20, was charged with beating her fiance and baby daddy Gary Shirley in front of their infant daughter, Leah.


Portwood faces two felony counts and a misdemeanor in her alleged attacks against Shirley on three occasions between August 2009 and July 2010, according to officials.

Though Portwood denied the attacks occurred in front of the couple’s daughter, police stated that Portwood slapped and punched Shirley several times in the face and upper-body,  in front of Leah.

If convicted, Portwood faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

Her hometown of Anderson, Ind. is pretty fed up with her behavior and doesn’t want to see her around.

Earlier this week, Portwood lost custody of her daughter for abusing prescription drugs.

One local newspaper has called Portwood a ‘jobless buffoon.’

Randy Good, owner of Good’s Candy Store in Anderson, Indiana, has banned any additional filming in the store, claiming that Portwood is bad for the town’s image.



What do you think? Do you watch Teen Mom? I watched it with my daughter. I have to say that I don’t like any of the Teen Moms, their mothers or their baby daddys. 

Do you think Teen Mom is a worthwhile show? Morgan Freeman produced 16 and Pregnant to make the public aware of the many issues that face children when kids have babies.

I think the spinoff show Teen Mom does in fact do a very good job of making us all aware of one very important fact: Don’t do it. Finish school.

Do you think Portwood is a jobless buffoon? What do you think of her actions? What do you think of the penalties she faces?

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