‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Drug Relapse

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has relapsed according to a family friend in her hometown. Over the Thanksgiving holiday friends report that Portwood ran out of hydrocodone that had been prescribed by her doctor so she called old high school classmates to buy $200 worth of the pills. While trying to exchange the money for her next fix, the drug dealers pulled a knife and took her money. When Amber sprayed them with mace the wind blew it back in her face and the dealers took her purse which she claims had thousands of dollars in it.

This is the second young celebrity to have their purse snatched and claim to have multiple thousands of dollars in cash inside. Lindsay Lohan many will believe; Amber Portwood on the other hand is questionable. The young mother was just released from a California rehab in August, but it looks like she needs a return visit. Friends are worried she will attempt suicide again but this time succeed because she talks of killing herself when high. She likely would not have the mental capacity to stop herself should she hop that train after taking one too many hydrocodones.

All this while she has lost custody of her daughter Leah may result in her losing full custody quickly especially if Leah’s father finally gets sick of the revolving rehab door that Amber is likely to be entering soon. It is time for Portwood to grow up and get control of her life. Drugs and partying are the last thing the Teen Mom needs to be doing.

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