Teen Mom Amber Portwood is Not Pregnant

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood is not pregnant. She is once again the subject of rumors that are circulating celebrity mags and blogs. The rumors are saying that Portwood is pregnant with her second child. She already has one child, daughter Leah, with “Teen Mom” star Gary Shirley, and wants fans to know that she is most definitely not pregnant with a second baby.

According to MSN, Teen Mom Amber Portwood is not pregnant, however she is quite irate at the tabloids for starting the rumor.

“The rumors are absolutely false,” Portwood says. “I’m not pregnant.”

Teen Mom Amber Portwood claims she is working diligently to be a good mother to baby Leah, in light of all the bad press she has received. She doesn’t feel it’s fair of the tabloids to shed any further unfavorable light upon her.  She was seen on MTV earlier in the year assaulting her baby’s father, her former fiance Gary Shirley, and the state of Indiana sent in representatives from the Department of Child Services to investigate the case. As a result Teen Mom Amber Portwood lost custody of her daughter for a short period of time.

Mother and daughter have been reunited since December 6, and Teen Mom Amber Portwood claims she has no intentions of having another child for a long, long time.

When did our society start revering teen moms with the same air of respect that we do dignitaries or celebrities with actual talent? When did life become so boring that we had to start dramatizing the lives of unwed teenagers who didn’t practice birth control? It seems that all our society is doing by supporting these supposed “reality” TV shows, is creating more unwed children raising their own children supported by state agencies. Why is that okay? And more importantly, why is that considered to be entertaining?

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is probably making the best decision she has made so far in her now-20-year-old life by saying she doesn’t plan to have another baby for quite some time. However just the fact that the tabloids were compelled to start a rumor to the contrary shows how hungry for gossip…true or otherwise, our society has become.



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