‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Not Giving Up Reality Show

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For a while, it looked like the future of the original Teen Mom series was in jeopardy. Amber Portwood found herself in some serious trouble and was facing a future of living in a halfway house without cameras following her every move. This reportedly had the reality show star “panicking” because she had become quite accustomed to cameras following her every move (and the paycheck that comes along with it).

On Thursday, Amber got some good news, though. She will not have to live in the halfway house, but rather will be permitted to stay with her grandparents (as she originally thought the plan would be). Not only that, but she will also be able to continue filming for the hit MTV show.

Of course, there is one slight catch. She can only reap these benefits if she passes a drug screening. Hopefully this won’t be an issue for the Teen Mom.

E! talked to Amber’s mom, Tonya, who said, “I am so thankful she’s finally getting out so she can get her life back and be with her daughter.” Amber’s ex-boyfriend, Gary, has had custody of their daughter Leah while Amber has been going through everything.

Is continuing with the reality show really the best idea for Amber Portwood? It seems that airing her life for the world to see has only intensified her troubles. It isn’t to say that had the camera’s not been there she wouldn’t have gotten into trouble, but perhaps she wouldn’t have felt as much pressure.

There were also reports that she allegedly received money for housing because she claimed that she was “low-income.” It is unclear what, if any, repercussions she will face for that, or even if it is true. Hopefully for Amber, that was just another ugly rumor and she can get through rehab (which she still has to attend) and get her life back on track, not only for herself, but also for her daughter.

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