Teen Mom Amber Portwood Pulled Over for Suspended License

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On early Wednesday morning, “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood was pulled over for suspicion that she was driving under the influence.  It was determined after sobriety tests that the Teen Mom was driving with a suspended license in Indiana.  Was Amber Portwood arrested for her latest run-in with the law?

Rear view of police officer on a traffic stop Luckily for Amber and her daughter Leah, she was not arrested.  The latest incident may have looked worse than it actually was.  According to a report from Radar Online, police witnessed Amber swerving all over the road, crossing the yellow line and generally thought she was drunk.  Once they pulled her over, they gave her sobriety tests and the breathalyzer.  Amber managed to pass all tests and it was reported she was really just having some issues with her medication.  

The police determined Portwood had a suspended license though.  For that infraction, she was given a $150 fine for driving with a suspended license.  Apparently, the police allowed Portwood to leave with just the fine because a friend was in the car who agreed to drive the rest of the way home.

The star of “Teen Mom” on MTV, Amber Portwood, is currently being watched and supervised by the Indiana Department of Child Protective Services.  She was quite lucky in this latest incident to be sent on her way home with just a relatively low fine.  If at any time she’s deemed unfit to be a parent, her daughter Leah could be taken away from her.

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