Teen Mom Amber Portwood Pushed out of Home by Her Ex-Boyfriend

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Police were called to Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood’s home yet again. This time she claimed her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley pushed her out of the house in her underwear. Shirley claims he didn’t want Amber to beat him again.

Portwood was angry with Shirley for texting a friend whom she thought was a girl, but it was a guy. Amber was furious, so Gary pushed her out of the house to protect himself from her. Amber Portwood beat Gary Shirley on national television on the show Teen Mom. The police received hundreds of calls complaining about domestic violence.

This time Amber showed police where Gary had pushed her, but police saw no marks on Amber. She is stressed according to Radar Online because of the investigation by the Anderson police department. Child protective services have gotten involved, and the baby could be taken away.

It sounds like Gary Shirley is in control of his temper, and the problem is Amber Portwood. At what point will child protective services realize Amber has major anger and jealousy issues? This poor baby has seen way too much of Amber’s temper, and her father being belittled by this angry young woman.

Give the baby to her dad, and send mom to anger management.


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