‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Health Emergency in Prison!

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood is currently in the middle of a health crisis in prison. The MTV star, who is currently serving a 5 year sentence, reportedly has a severe infection in her mouth, but has to wait 6 weeks for treatment!

“She has an abscess in her mouth that’s gotten so big and swollen that her whole jaw is puffed out. Her mouth has become infected and the pain is making her so sick that she can’t sleep, and hasn’t eaten a thing in three days,” Amber’s brother Shawn revealed.

However, 6 weeks is just too long to wait, according to Shawn. “It needs to be down now. If the infection gets in her blood stream it can be life-threatening,” he says.

Poor Amber! While her actions sent her to prison, she shouldn’t have to live in pain for 6 weeks while waiting for treatment. If only she had completed her rehab, she’d be a free woman right now!

It seems that if Teen Mom‘s condition was really severe, the prison would send her for immediate treatment. Fans are hoping that Amber Portwood’s condition gets better quickly, and that she will receive proper medical treatment.

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