Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant Inspire Teens to Try to Get Pregnant – All in the Name of Fame

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In a turn of events that we saw coming, MTV’s popular ‘Teen Mom’ and ’16 and Pregnant’ series have unfortunately inspired teens to intentionally get pregnant.

Many have said the shows are not advocating teen pregnancy, and while they very well might not intentionally be doing so, they are in a round about way.

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Granted, the shows depict the lives of teenage moms and dads and show that it’s not a day in the park being a teenage parent. In addition it’s not easy juggling life as a student and as a parent all at once. There’s nothing at all wrong with this, and we think this is a good way for kids to see what they are signing up for when they engage in unprotected sexual acts.

The problem lies in the fact that these teenage parents on the show do grow up and age past being teens. Amber Portwood, who has been in the media a lot lately is no longer a teen mom. She’s 20, and therefore not really fitting of the criteria anymore.

So, what happens now that they grow up? A new generation of teen moms are picked to be on the show for the forthcoming episodes, that’s what. Here’s where the problem starts. Teens are hearing about this and guess what? They are signing up to get on the show by trying to get pregnant intentionally. Why would they do such a thing? In a word, fame. They seek fame so desperately that they think that their ovaries are just the ticket to get famous and be on TV.

This is just beyond insane and irresponsible for kids to do, and MTV should somehow put a stop to this. We aren’t sure exactly how MTV could determine who conceived out of trying to be on the show and who just got pregnant accidentally, but this is all kinds of wrong.

Should these young women make it to the show then what? They signed their life away for a few minutes of fame. Can they be any less responsible if they tried? MTV created a beast that’s doing the direct opposite of what it seemed the shows set out to do in the first place. Shame on you MTV and shame on the mothers that are getting pregnant in the name of fame.

Of course it’s not the teen parents that suffer so much as the children brought into the world that were just a vehicle for fame. No mother that uses a child in this manner is hardly a mother at all.

We realize that not all teen mothers are irresponsible parents. Some can be as great of a parent as an older mom, sometimes more so. For all the teen mothers that do it the right way and care for their kids while juggling school, work and motherhood we commend you.

Jane Velez-Mitchell hit the nail on the head when she said that “Children should not be having children, period.” Now, if only they could hear the message as loud and clear as we do.

What do you think of this trend? Is it a shock or surprise? Right or wrong? Weigh in below.

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