‘Teen Mom: Ask the Moms’ Special Recap

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Spin-off talk aside, Teen Mom as fans know it is over. On Tuesday night, the girls sat down to answer questions from their fans, and Amber Portwood was able to participate as well!

Maci Bookout opened up about Ryan Edwards although many fans feel that she is not over him (you never forget your first love, right?). However, Maci maintains that she is over Ryan and doesn’t wish she were still with him. She does admit that she still loves him as Bentley’s father, but nothing more.

When it comes to Bentley, they have learned to co-parent (for the most part), and the little guy is still in preschool, but Maci admits that she has to watch her mouth around him as she tends to talk like a sailor (and Bentley repeats!).

Overall, she is glad that the show is over so that she can focus on herself. What about those spin-off rumors? While Maci Bookout didn’t confirm (or deny them), she did say that fans may see her and Bentley back on television in the future. She sure made it seem like she had been offered a show, but wasn’t 100% sure about it. Only time will tell if the rumors are true.

The show has made Catelynn Lowell a celebrity, but she really hates that word. She didn’t even want to do the show initially but has used the experience to help educate other girls about adoption.

Cate opened up about the daughter she gave up for adoption, saying that Tyler’s mom has had the opportunity to meet the little girl, but her mom and Tyler’s dad still have to get their acts together before they get that opportunity. She also talked about how she thinks Carly will feel when her birth parents have and raise more kids. Luckily for Cate, she feels the fact that she plans on waiting a few more years will certainly help any negative feelings that Carly will have.

She also opened up about her wedding to Tyler Baltierra, which is set to happen on July 13, 2013. She revealed her colors (burgundy, red, creams, and pinks) and hopes that the big day will be filmed. If rumors are true, then an entire special about the planning of the wedding and the event itself will be aired. Some people may think it is weird that she and Tyler are getting married considering the fact that their parents married as well. However, Cate doesn’t see Tyler as her sibling, especially since the two love-birds were dating before their parents!

Not a whole lot of time was focused on Farrah Abraham, but she did open up about Derek Underwood. Fans may recall that he passed away before Sophia was born and never had the opportunity to meet his daughter. A lot of people have never understood why, prior to his death, Farrah had cut him out of her life, but she revealed why. When she found out she was pregnant, she called Derek, but he did not answer. This was typical behavior for him, and she ceased contact.

Not surprisingly, she isn’t dating anyone, but is looking for Mr. Right since she can’t marry herself! She wants someone who is just like her and can be good with Sophia. She is still claiming that she is not sexually active and says that, if she ever is, she will use protection.

Then, there was Amber Portwood. It was refreshing to see her on television and to hear her answer questions. She pointed out that the show has not glamorized teen pregnancy, but rather the media for putting them on magazines. However, she did admit that she liked the attention that she got from the public as a result of the show.

She opened up about Gary Shirley and says that she was initially attracted to his humor. She looked back on simpler times, including the $21 ring that he purchased for her. Amber felt that when things were simple, life was easier. Now, she is in prison, and things aren’t so simple. Her daughter, Leah, thinks her mom is driving a twinkie truck which probably is not the best way to explain Amber’s absence.

The show was short and probably not the best Teen Mom special, but it was a great way to tie up loose ends from the show.

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