‘Teen Mom’ Camera Man Tells All

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The Teen Mom stars are caught in a bit of a scandal. A camera man recently spilled several secrets about the stars and the show and he didn’t hold anything back. In fact, he laid into some of the girls pretty heavily. This is sure to shake things up at MTV.

The cameraman whose idenity was kept secret reveals that Farrah Abraham was one of the worst to work with. “She was nasty. If we were following her she would slam the door on our face,” he claims. That might not be all that surprising to fans considering the way she treats her own parents. Why would she treat some cameraman any better?

Regarding Teen Mom 2, he says, “Kail is the most level headed and the only one who has potential in being a good mom.” He is also a fan of Corey Simms. “The best person on the show is Cory, Leah’s ex. Really sweet guy. He never should of agreed to be on the show. I would have to say that Leah is worst.”

Leah is the mom to twin girls and although she got a bad wrap after cheating on her husband just days before they wed, she still is loved by her fans.

The cameraman even dished on the girls’ salaries! He claims, “They are making 150k and up when including the ratings bonus. Less ratings = less money for them.” Although there hasn’t been much evidence regarding the salaries, Amber Portwood revealed to a judge earlier this year that she was making $140,000 per season, so the cameraman’s figure sounds about right. They don’t all make the same amount.

Teen Mom‘s final episode airs tonight at 10/9c.

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