‘Teen Mom’ Casting Tapes Revealed!

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On Tuesday night, MTV aired a Teen Mom farewell special. It was an hour and a half long and treated fans to some unseen footage, including the original casting tapes! That’s right, before these girls were famous for being pregnant, they were normal teenagers submitting tapes for an up and coming show.

It was interesting to hear how the girls found out about the show. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were already considering adoption when their counselor heard about the show. Cate wasn’t too keen on submitting a tape at first, thinking that they didn’t have a chance to get picked. However, Tyler talked her into it, hoping that they would be able to give teens a look at the adoption process.

As fans know, the two were picked to tell their emotional story, and Catelynn admitted that at first, she didn’t know what she had gotten herself into! One day life was quiet, and the next there were cameras everywhere. Luckily, she said that after a few days of filming, it got easier.

However, she never took into account the fact the amount of attention that she would get from the show. At first, she thought it was “cool,” but soon realized she would get recognized anywhere she went. Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are both easy-going, though, and have handled the fame (something that they don’t like to say they have; they also don’t like to be called celebrities) well.

Farrah Abraham was busy being a model and dabbling in acting when she found out she was pregnant. She submitted her casting tape to MTV and got picked. Her first day of filming was awkward, especially since she hadn’t been telling people that she was pregnant.

Perhaps the most interesting, though, is Maci Bookout. The Teen Mom‘s mother found the casting ad on Craigslist of all places. Maci submitted her tape where she talked about being pregnant and her excitement to move out and get married. The only problem was Ryan Edwards and his parents had no idea that Maci was submitting a tape for the show.

Of course, much to Ryan’s dismay, the teens were picked to share their lives. Ryan has never liked filming, and he has never been shy about it. Needless to say, their first couple days of filming did not go too well. The fame that followed irked Ryan Edwards (and still does to this day). Maci Bookout says she didn’t realize the fame that would come.

Then, there is Amber Portwood, whose casting tape was fun to watch. On her tape, she admitted that she broke the news about her pregnancy on her mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!). She even revealed that she and Gary Shirley were having troubles back then (but no one could have known how bad things would get).

Having watched the girls for the past four years, it was neat to see how things started. Watching their tapes, one can’t help but wonder what was going through their heads. Did they think they would get picked? Would their lives have been different had MTV not cast them?

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