‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell “Never Heard Of” Tabloid Source

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When Teen Mom fans heard the “news” that couple Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were expecting a second baby, they were ecstatic. Not only is the couple a fan favorite, but they are also incredibly mature and grounded. Very few questioned the rumor because, not only have the couple been together for so long and are planning their wedding, but also because the tabloid that ran the story had what appeared to be a credible source.

A woman named Jamie Pyrzewski claimed to be close friends with the couple and decided to “spill the beans” on the story. The timing was impeccable considering the story ran a day after an episode of Teen Mom (which is in its final season.) After a few short hours, Catelynn Lowell spoke out, slamming the rumors. She declared that she is on birth control and wants to finish school before starting a family. On top of that, she claims that she doesn’t even know anyone named Jamie Pyrzewski!

Catelynn said, “I never heard that name before in my life! I honestly think somebody just wanted to try to get some money and thought they could make up a huge lie.”

Not only do these tabloid rumors confuse fans (there are still those who swear that the Teen Mom is expecting because they “read it in a magazine”), but causes issues for the cast members themselves and those that they are close to. Catelynn also revealed that Carly’s adoptive parents “freak out” when they heard the malicious tabloid rumors about Catelynn and Tyler.

It is a shame that these girls have to deal with such backlash. While some of it is brought upon themselves (like in cases where personal business is posted on Twitter), stories like this that are blatant lies truly are the worst. While having a child wouldn’t be the worst thing, it would be hard and it is good that they are waiting.

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