‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska: Christmas Tree Shopping With Adam!

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Although Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and the father of her baby, Adam Lind, may not always get along, they tried to make the Holidays special for baby Aubree.

Us Weekly has a preview clip of them picking out a Christmas tree. Bundled up and decked out in leopard print (a favorite of Chelsea’s), she and Aubree join Adam on a hunt for a Christmas tree. The two seem to get along well and baby Aubree seems to enjoy her sled ride through the snow.

Relationships are hard and when a baby is in the mix, things get even harder. Couples have a hard time letting go of their emotions to focus on the children. However, Chelsea seems to understand the importance of that all too well telling the magazine:

“I mean, he’s going to be in my life forever. He hurt me but I knew I needed to forget it and move on from there. I mean, as long as he’s following through and being a good dad, that’s what’s important to me. Our relationship comes second behind his with Aubree.”

Due to getting pregnant so young, the girls of Teen Mom have been forced to grow up earlier than others their age. While some have had their troubles, Chelsea seems to be handing it well.

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