‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Doesn’t Like Her MTV Image?

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Ever since the show Teen Mom premiered, there have been questions surrounding what the girls are paid and how much of their “images” are controlled by MTV. Obviously, the girls aren’t exactly struggling single mothers as the show initially wanted to portray them, but are there other things that are essentially faked for the cameras? According to one person, yes!

Recently, Chelsea Houska launched a website, but in less than 48 hours, it was gone. While the web designer claims Chelsea refused to pay for services, Chelsea simply states that she no longer wanted to work with the particular designer. However, it hasn’t ended there and the web designer recently released a series of text messages with their conversation between Chelsea where she reportedly states she wants to pose for Playboy and Maxim. Not only that, but the designer also reveals some other secrets about the Teen Mom.

Apparently, the web designer was informed that their work would need to be more “behind the scenes” like due to the image that MTV wants the girls to have. Although they grace the covers of tabloids weekly, the network doesn’t want them to appear to be celebrities. Obviously, this makes sense considering the amount of flack the show gets for glamorizing teen pregnancy. However, they apparently prohibit some of the girls from attending certain functions including the MTV Movie Awards, something that Chelsea reportedly “complained” about.

It is easy to see why the Teen Mom would be upset about not being able to attend the function. She is essentially employed by MTV and should have the opportunity to go (Farrah Abraham did.) Of course, if MTV starts allowing the girls to attend all the high profile events, it could send the message to wrong girls, leading them to believe that having a baby as a young kid equals fame and fortune.

Although MTV’s intentions may be good, it seems like the “celebrity factor” is out of their hands. These girls are already famous in their own right, having huge fan bases and being on magazine covers.

Do you think these girls have achieved fame? Is it good that MTV doesn’t want the girls to go to the events?

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