‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Goes to Beauty School in Her Home Town

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The young mothers on Teen Mom, including Chelsea Houska, have become celebrities from sharing their lives as teenage mothers on MTV’s hit series. However, what many people often forget is that these girls are indeed just trying to live normal lives and go to school. On the show, Chelsea keeps talking about her dream of going to beauty school once she finishes her GED. And while the show ended this season with Chelsea only finishing a fifth of her GED, it seems she got her act together and finished it.

Chelsea Houska Wears Red Lipstick

Ever since the show ended, Chelsea has applied and been accepted into beauty school. According to Wetpaint Entertainment, it seems that she is attending the Black Hills Beauty College in her hometown of Sioux Falls, which is close to Rapid City, South Dakota. While Chelsea herself hasn’t confirmed anything, probably because of her now celebrity status, Wetpaint speculates that this is probably where she goes so she can stay close to Aubree and her family.

And those who have been following Chelsea Houska on the show probably aren’t surprised that she chose this career direction. She is always doing her hair, sporting leopard print and trying different shades of lipstick. And given she now has a daughter who is just as fashionable as her, it is no wonder that Chelsea is following her dreams. Hopefully, her MTV paycheck is paying for the $11,000 tuition fees while she attends the program for 14 months.

Go Chelsea!

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