‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Uncomfortable Around Guys?

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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska is gorgeous, but she admits that she gets uncomfortable when a guy gives her a compliment. While most young women would eat attention like that up, the reality TV star feels awkward about it.

Chelsea obviously can’t see how beautiful she is. The Teen Mom is a favorite among fans, who are constantly supporting her and sending her love. However, Houska still feels insecure.

Could it be that Chelsea Houska has been damaged by ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, who always made her feel like she was never good enough? Probably! Chelsea is seen nearly every week on Teen Mom 2 crying over Adam’s cold and hurtful comments towards her.

After years of having the man you love talk to you like that, who wouldn’t be a bit low on self-esteem? However, Houska seems to be getting stronger everyday. Hopefully, one day she will find a man whose compliments don’t make her feel uncomfortable, but like the most beautiful woman in the world.

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