‘Teen Mom’ Exclusive! Why Lindsey Harrison Turned Down TM3

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The new season of 16 & Pregnant featured a lot of girls with unique and interesting stories. When MTV announced that four girls from the season would be selected for the new Teen Mom 3, fans got busy guessing who they would like to see. While Mackenzie Douthit, Alexandria Sekella, and Katie Yeager have been confirmed, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the fourth spot. It seemed as though both Lindsey Harrison and Briana Dejesus both had a shot at the spot, but on Monday night, Lindsey confirmed that she will not be featured on the show.

Lindsey initially asked her followers how they felt about Catelynn and Tyler being on Teen Mom, despite them not showing the parenting struggles that the other girls show. She acknowledged that, while she may not have understood why MTV chose them, that she enjoyed that they showed the adoption process and hoped to find a love like theirs one day.

Unfortunately, her tweets were misconstrued and people accused her of bashing the couple, something that she was obviously not doing. After being called “bitter” for not being picked for TM3, Lindsey Harrison revealed that she won’t be on the show not because she wasn’t picked, but rather because she turned down MTV.

Gather.com inquired as to why she chose not to continue sharing her life with the world and she replied, “my family hated filming, mainly forest.. It wasn’t worth the home drama. & the stress that goes with it.”

Obviously, Lindsey has had a chance to see how dramatic things can become for an MTV certified Teen Mom both on and off the screen (something the first set of girls did not) and was able to make the decision that was best for her and her family.

In case you missed it, Lindsey was the blonde cage fighter from Nevada who named her adorable daughter, Aniyah Monroe. When she isn’t busy working or taking care of her daughter, this hot mama is busy kick-starting her modeling career. While the show would have given her good exposure, she was able to gain a dedicated fan base with just her 16 & Pregnant episode and those fans are hoping to see her succeed!

Were you hoping to see Lindsey on the show?

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