‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Sex Life

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Farrah Abraham learned the consequences of sex at a young age. At just 16 years old, she became pregnant and, due to the father of the baby passing away, she had to deal with a lot of the emotions on her own. Now 21, Farrah has shared her hardships on Teen Mom the past few years. She is still raising three-year-old Sophia on her own and while she wants to have more kids in the future, she is taking precautions to ensure that she does things right the second time around!

Farrah talked to In Touch about her sex life which, she says, is virtually non-existent saying, “I haven’t had sex in two years.”

Interestingly, Farrah has had boyfriends in those two years, but apparently she hasn’t felt close enough to any of them.

Farrah went into detail about her celibacy, saying, “There are too many risks and emotions involved. It’s always best to wait.”

Fans may argue that Farrah has paraded men into Sophia’s life too quickly. Of course, everyone does things differently, and Farrah likes to have her potential suitors meet her daughter early on to see how things go. Farrah needs to gauge how Sophia acts around the men and seeing how the men react help to give Farrah insight into where the relationship could go.

While the Teen Mom’s non-existent sex life may seem odd to some, this is actually a good thing. Not only does it show Farrah respects herself and her body, but it also sets a good example for her daughter. Farrah knows that she doesn’t need to sleep with someone just to get them to like her. While some fans slam her for her personality, she definitely has her priorities in order when it comes to relationships.

However, Farrah doesn’t believe in kissing too soon either! After her most recent break-up from John Parra, she revealed that, even though she had stayed at his L.A. area home, the two didn’t even lock lips. Some people may say Farrah Abraham is lying about her sex life or even about the kissing. Hopefully, she is telling the truth because it shows a real mature side to Farrah that fans don’t always get to see.

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