‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Dating a New Guy

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is taking a break from her Twitter war with the Kardashians and spending some time with a new beau. Could this guy be a future baby-daddy for the experienced young breeder?

Sources report that Teen Mom Farrah was spotted walking hand-in-hand with her new boyfriend in Miami. She’s allegedly dating Marcel Kaminstein, the president of Catapult Brands Group. The 20-year-old reality star/single mother must be striving to land her next role as a pampered housewife going after this privileged hunk.

So do you think this relationship will last, or will Teen Mom Farrah find herself back on Twitter, harassing the Kardashian clan out of the boredom that comes with staying home and watching after kids? Hopefully she learned her lesson from starring on a show that publicized her reproductive mistakes and chooses to use birth control if she decides to fool around with this new guy. Chances are, Marcel is well versed in protecting his investments, so-to-speak.

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