‘Teen Mom’ Gary Shirley Autographs a Breast

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Gary Shirley may be a reality television show star, but he is getting rock star like requests! The Teen Mom dad recently went on a radio dating show and it was obvious that the ladies love him. On Friday, however, he received an odd request. A fan asked for an autograph and while that may seem innocent, she didn’t ask for Gary Time to ink a piece of paper, but rather her breast!

Gary tweeted a photo of his autograph and it seemed that he received some backlash for it. Of course, Gary is a nice guy and doesn’t like upsetting his fans, so he quickly tweeted an explanation saying:

“By the way she approved the tweet and she’s married and I’m not interested just share my life with u guys.”

While he may only have one season of Teen Mom left, it seems that Gary Shirley has a dedicated fan base who will likely continue to follow him. The fact that he isn’t afraid to share his life makes fans love him even more!

What do you think of the odd autograph request?

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