‘Teen Mom’ Gary Shirley Opens Up About Amber’s Suicide Attempt

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The Teen Mom season première was Tuesday night and, to say the least, it was emotional. Fans had the opportunity to catch up with Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood, and while there were some happy parts, there were also some that were frightening.

Fans already knew that Amber Portwood’s suicide attempt would be talked about on the new season, but actually hearing the 911 phone call go down was pretty intense. As a result, Amber was put under a 72-hour suicide watch and, well fans know that things only got worse from there.

Imagine having to be the one to make such a phone call. Well, Gary Shirley did it and he opened up about it during the show tweeting, “She said that and hung up I tried calling and kept thinking if something did happen it would of been on me partly for not calling.”

While it is unknown if Amber Portwood was being serious or not with her threat, Gary certainly did the right thing. It is obvious that Gary truly cares about Amber, even if they can’t make things work romantically. They also both really care about their daughter, Leah, too.

Many people slam the Teen Mom star for choosing to go to prison over completing the court appointed drug program to which she was assigned to as an alternative, but obviously she knows she needs some serious help. If that means having to spend some time behind bars, then at least she is doing what she thinks is best.

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