‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans and Boyfriend Split — Again

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It is nearly impossible to keep up with Jenelle Evan’s love life anymore. While she typically seems happy with Gary Head, it appears that the Teen Mom has finally had enough and the two have called it quits—again.

Just to backtrack, the two played an early April Fool’s joke on fans when they announced that they had broke-up. They later revealed that they wanted to see how many people would fall for the allege break-up rumors.

A few days later, the two were again tweeting about a split, but fans didn’t know how to take this one either. This split ended up being real, but only lasted a few hours before the two decided to give it one more try. While fans were hopeful, some hurtful things had been said, and it was unclear if either of them would be able to work past it.

Unfortunately, the two have split again. On Easter, the couple spent some time with Jace, but tweeted some strange things throughout the day. Late in the evening, the two’s tweets made it obvious that they were no longer together.

Jenelle tweeted, “Singleeeeee :),” but the smiley face didn’t last. The realization finally hit the Teen Mom, and she tweeted that she felt sick due to everything.

The on again, off again relationship is starting to get out of hand. Jenelle Evans has come along way since 16 and Pregnant and has really cleaned up her act. A tumultuous relationship is the last thing that she needs right now. Of course, these two have worked things out in the past, so there is always hope that will happen, but if it doesn’t, hopefully Jenelle can move on and continue to make progress.

Starcasm has a more detailed story about the break-up, including more tweets, so be sure to check it out!

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