‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Boob Job Rumors True or Not?

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Is MTV letting Teen Mom Jenelle Evans get a boob job or not? The tabloids say no, but MTV has never had a problem with it according to Jenelle and RumorFix. Here’s what Jenelle had to say about the Star magazine report:

“No MTV never had a problem with it, but they don’t encourage it. They said it’s our choice but they like the way we are naturally. Yes I am getting a boob job.” said the Teen Mom 2 star. So basically, they didn’t ban her from getting breast enhancement surgery, but they aren’t actually telling her she can get it done either. So, is Jenelle Evans just hearing what she wants to hear, or is this the party line from MTV?

No matter the case, from the sound of things, Jenelle is only looking to go up to a C cup. Evans says she doesn’t want her breasts as big as either Farrah or Maci. Well, that’s a relief. Perhaps the ‘Teen Mom’ should worry about spending the money she earns from MTV on something more important… like her child.

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