‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Forgets She Has a Child Once Again

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has had her fair share of publicly played out issues over the last few years but apparently she hasn’t learned from any of them.

The former reality Tv star is reportedly going to attend a huge rave on Halloween night in South Carolina, while her young son hangs back home in North Carolina without his dear mom to take him trick or treating.

Everyone knows that one of children’s favorite pastimes is going trick or treating and getting dressed up. It’s often fun for the parents too since children grow up so fast and no longer want to spend time in silly costumes or begging for candy.

Everyone knows this but Jenelle.

How can the former Teen Mom star actually go to a rave—a rave!!—and leave her child at home on one of the most anticipated nights of the year? Poor Jace. If he only knew that his mom was choosing a rave over spending time with him.

Oh, wait. He probably will know, one day, thanks to this little thing called the internet. Ever heard of it?

What those in the public eye do or say will forever be embedded in this lovely digital den for their children to find and read about in years to come.

What will Jenelle Evans tell her son then? Will he even want to talk to her after he sees how she’s chosen fun over him so many times?

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