‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Heading for ‘Judge Judy’?

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Anyone who follows Jenelle Evans even remotely knows that drama seems to follow her everywhere. However, the drama that she finds herself in is downright insane and it looks like she may find herself on an episode of Judge Judy very soon!

In case you missed it, the Teen Mom works for an internet site called Sulia. The site offers updates on a variety of topics, but Jenelle (along with some other MTV stars including Danielle Cunningham and Nikkole Paulun) use the site to write brief updates on the cast of Teen Mom and news related to the show. While it isn’t a very hard job, Jenelle simply didn’t have the time to post her own updates and rather enlisted help from one of her friends.

Although she had never met Jenelle in person, Sarah was an admin on the reality show star’s official fan page and agreed to write the Sulia updates for her. Since Jenelle was making a lot of money from people clicking the links, she offered to pay Sarah for her hard work. Sarah believed her and continued writing the updates. However, after a few weeks (and no money), Sarah got concerned that she wasn’t going to get paid. After a while, she purposely got lazy with the posts, even going as far to flat out copy articles from other sites. Everyone thought that it was Jenelle doing the posting and since Sarah didn’t intentionally set out to upset other writers, she revealed the truth of what was going on.

Even after the truth has come out, Jenelle still has yet to pay Sarah for the work and the two are no longer friends. Sarah has reached out to both Jenelle and Courtland who have told her several different stories, but in the end, never pay up. So, what’s a girl to do when she is owed money by a reality show star? Take her to small claims court! However, Sarah doesn’t plan on going to a typical court, but has been in contact with the producers of Judge Judy!

After Sarah told the world of her intentions, there was some concern that MTV would find a way to get Jenelle out of going on the show since it is televised. Jenelle Evans even reportedly told Sarah that she can’t appear on the show due to her contract. However, Sarah talked personally with MTV and has learned that there is nothing in her contract saying she can’t go to court.

Sarah wrote, “Just called MTV they said all I have to do is serve Jenelle the papers and she goes to Court. Her contract doesn’t deny Court Cases :). MTV will Allow @PBandJenelley_1 to go on Judge Judy , I just spoke with them.”

It looks like Sarah is one step closer to getting her money, but will Judge Judy even take the case?

When asked, Sarah replied, “Judge Judys Producer has contacted me, We’ve been emailing back and forth for days :) It might REALLY happen.”

This is the kind of publicity that Jenelle doesn’t want right now. She has been in the news a lot lately, but unfortunately, not for anything positive. If she appears on Judge Judy, it will only bring her more negative attention. With rumors floating around that MTV is considering canceling Teen Mom 2 due to Jenelle’s behavior, this is only adding to their case.

Would you watch an episode of Judge Judy if Jenelle was on it being sued?

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