‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans: Jaces’ Father Won’t See Him

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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans says the father of her son, Jace, doesn’t make an effort to see their child. The MTV personality took to her Twitter account to reveal her feelings about her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Lewis.

Fans who watched Jenelle Evans on 16 and Pregnant know that Andrew has problems with drinking, and was not there for Jace from the start. The only help the Teen Mom has raising her son comes from her mother, Barbara, who currently has custody of Jace.

“I want Andrew to see Jace. [He] won’t make an effort. That’s why I’m mad,” Evans tweeted on Tuesday. After splitting with Lewis, Jenelle dated Kieffer Delp, who has become a source of entertainment among fans of the reality show. However, the couple ended their rocky relationship, and Evans has found a new man, Gary Head.

Sometimes, no matter how hard it is, children are better off without a parent in their life. If that parent has problems, or would create dangers, or drama, for the child, it’s best left alone. Hopefully, Jenelle Evans and her mother can raise Jace to be the kind of man that he doesn’t have in his life, and that one day he’ll be an amazing father to his own children.

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