‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans ‘Kills’ Gary Head?

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Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans has killed her boyfriend Gary Head, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. The Teen Mom hasn’t committed a heinous crime, but she certainly managed to piss her boyfriend off.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it seems the Teen Mom was getting annoyed because of Gary Head’s constant video game playing. He was playing some sort of zombie game, and Jenelle wanted him to pay attention to her instead.

Jenelle EvansJenelle grabbed a video camera and started taunting Gary in a teasing, but annoying way. At one point she staged a ‘zombie attack’ that made him lose his game he was playing.

“Aahhhhh f*ckin,” Gary Head screamed before finally turning to look at Jenelle and her video camera. “You made me f*cking die. Thanks for videotaping me and making me feel self-conscious.”

Hmmm. Does it sound to you like Jenelle Evans and Gary Head are ready for a grown-up relationship? Does this behavior make you understand a bit more what the entire Teen Mom-type persona is comprised of?

Jenelle Evans fortunately didn’t actually kill Gary Head. That would definitely ensure she never got custody of her son Jace back. But her behavior–along with Gary’s–might not actually represent the kind of parenting that little Jace needs.

What do you think of this particular Teen Mom scenario? Will Jenelle Evans ever grow up enough to get custody of Jace back from her mom Barbara Evans?

Will Gary Head ever grow up enough to put Jenelle before his video games?

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