‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Leaves Baby Behind for College Life

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is giving up on getting custody of her little boy Jace for now, and is leaving town to go to college. She hasn’t given up on gaining custody, however, but feels she needs to wait until she is better equipped to do so.

According to a report from OK Magazine, Tori Rhyne is Jenelle’s best friend. She spoke to OK Mag reporters about the Teen Mom star’s custody issues.

“She wants Jace back,” Rhyne says. “But she she feels like she has to wait and do it right, or she will lose custody of him permanently. She told me that when she has her life together, a job, some money and a house for Jace, then she will fight her mom for her baby.”

For now, however, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has to pretend she is simply a family friend when she visits the home where her little boy lives with her mother–his grandmother, Barbara. This has got to be exceedingly difficult and heartbreaking, but is quite likely in the best interest of the child.

This is one case where the reality TV show Teen Mom may actually be portraying teen motherhood in a realistic light. Jenelle Evans lost custody of her son primarily because she was a teenager trying to take on an adult role. Most teens are not ready to assume such responsibilities. All too often the show glamorizes teen motherhood, and that certainly isn’t a dose of “reality.”

If Jenelle Evans grows up and gets her act together, hopefully her mom will at least share custody with her of her little boy. However, the next thing this Teen Mom will have to contend with is what kind of changes will impact the child’s life after he spends a good portion of it with his grandmother. Sometimes the greatest gift a mother can give a child is to allow them to be raised by someone who is emotionally and financially equipped to do so.

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