‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Loves Kieffer!

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When it comes to love, a lot of people have a hard time understanding what attracts one person to another. Case and point, when Jenelle Evans announced that she was back with her infamous ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, the world was stunned. While most people may not understand her reasons for going back to him, the Teen Mom is telling fans what it is she likes most about Kieffer.

A fan asked the question on Twitter, and Jenelle revealed that she likes the fact that Kieffer is “protective” of her. The two have a lot of history together and it makes sense that Kieffer would want to be protective of her.

Jenelle has said that if they mess things up with their relationship this time then it simply “isn’t meant to be.” However, Kieffer is doing his best to prove to Jenelle Evans (and the world) that he can be the man the Teen Mom deserves.

What do you think? Will Jenelle and Kieffer be able to make things work this time around?

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