‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Says Arrests Out of Spite

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans claims she hasn’t committed the crimes she’s recently been arrested for, and says the arrests have been simply out of spite. She believes the law enforcement officials in her hometown are simply out to get her.

According to a report from the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle claims she never harassed her former roommate by phone, nor did she post a nude picture of her on Facebook–both actions for which she was accused of violating no contact orders. She was arrested for violating the oJenelle Evansrders.

It seems Jenelle might have just a little bit of trouble discerning fact from fiction. She claims to be cleaning up her act so she can regain custody of her son Jace–but doesn’t seem to acknowledge that these arrests don’t really look good when seeking custody.

Then there’s the thing with her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp. Rumors have run rampant that the two are planning to get together when he gets out of jail. She claims, however, that she hasn’t talked to Kieffer at all. Sources says that’s not true either.

Then there’s Jenelle Evans’s new boyfriend Gary Head, who seems oblivious to the whole thing. Could he be he’s simply seeking Teen Mom fame?

Jenelle claims that Gary “doesn’t mind about my legal troubles because he knows they are false and he sees me climbing higher and higher.”

So do you think Jenelle Evans is delusional? The cops are arresting her “out of spite” and she’s about to regain custody of her son?

It sounds like this Teen Mom needs some serious counseling–and fast. And thank goodness her mom Barbara Evans has custody of her little boy Jace. She’s certainly not capable of caring for the child–having custody is out of the question.

Did you realize Jenelle Evans had such serious issues with the truth?

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