‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Stands By Abuse Allegations

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Now that she is off of probation, Jenelle Evans is back on Twitter and defending herself against the countless rumors that have come out about her over the past few weeks.

While most of the rumors deal with her and Kieffer Delp (who she now appears to be back together with), there was one rumor that was very troubling. The Teen Mom claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Gary Head, had been abusive towards her. These were, of course, some serious allegations and never something that should be said unless it is true. Unfortunately, her claims were soon being questioned by none other than her ex-boss, James Duffy.

Despite that, Jenelle Evans is sticking to her guns and, shortly after her Twitter return, responded, “teen mom caught in abuse lies” ?? Haha I have the screen shots of him admitting he put his hands on me and I have a pic of the bruise…”

It seems that the easiest way to put an end to all of this “he said/she said” insanity would be for the Teen Mom to share the screenshots, right? Well, it doesn’t look like that will be happening because, according to Jenelle, she doesn’t want to seem “spiteful.”

Of course, her refusal to share the alleged evidence is enough for some people to be convinced that she is lying. If she truly does have the proof, it makes sense that she wouldn’t want to share it with the world, though. If something like that were to be made public, there would certainly be a lot of drama along with it, something that Jenelle Evans doesn’t need right now.

If she does have proof, the best way to handle the matter would be privately, if she chooses to do anything about it at all. She has said in the past that the reason she didn’t report it earlier was so that Gary’s military career wouldn’t be ruined. Perhaps she felt it was better to simply end the relationship rather than ruin Gary’s life.

Who do you believe in this situation?

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