‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Turning to Religion?

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has decided to give religion a try. The MTV star announced on Friday that she would be going to church, and that she was thankful for her best friend, and boyfriend, for talking her into it.

“Going to give church a try. I’m happy we are having this conversation,” Jenelle said. While many young people have found peace through religion, others seem confused by the subject.

However, Evans’ fellow Teen Mom, Leah Messer, uses her faith to get through tough times. So, perhaps, she could help shed some light on the subject if Jenelle has any questions.

It’s great that Jenelle Evans is considering becoming active in a church. Not only is religion a great way to find peace, and meaning, in your life, but can also be the place to go when you’re feeling troubled.

Hopefully, the Teen Mom will get a lot from her religious encounter, and continue to explore her faith. Perhaps, Jenelle Evans could even get son, Jace, involved in Sunday school!

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