‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Turns Down $5000 Meet and Greet

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Jenelle Evans often takes to Twitter to talk to her fans and she recently revealed that she has three jobs. Despite being employed, she also says that she is low on money. MTV has never officially released the amount of money the girls make, but it is safe to assume they make a decent living, but aren’t millionaires as so many believe. So, it makes it hard to believe that the troubled Teen Mom 2 star recently turned down an opportunity to make $5000!

On Monday, Jenelle’s manager Leo Daniels tweeted, “i still can not believe you said all those things to me on Saturday and turned down a $5000 meet and greet. wtf??”

Apparently, there was a young man who wanted nothing more than to meet the reality show star for his sixteenth birthday and was willing to dish out the money to do so. So, why did Jenelle turn it down? According to Leo, she didn’t exactly turn it down, but rather her husband did that for her. Apparently, Courtland “hijakced” Jenelle’s phone and turned down the offer for her, never even letting Jenelle knew about the opportunity. Courtland admitted to Leo that he had sent the texts and ended up calling him from Jenelle’s phone later that day.

Leo Daniels has been a great manager for Jenelle and it is a shame that Courtland is coming between that.

As a result, a young man’s birthday wish did not come true and Jenelle missed an opportunity to make some money. Why, though, would Courtland do this?

This revelation comes shortly after a blow out fight between Courtland and Jenelle which may lead to the pair splitting up. No one is sure what exactly happened, but Courtland admits to staying out until 3 am drinking while his pregnant wife was alone at home. However, Jenelle Evans says there is more to it than that. If Courtland has been taking Jenelle’s phone and not telling her about messages she has been getting, what else has he been doing behind her back?

Hopefully all of this gets sorted out soon!

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