‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Fights Back About Being an Atheist

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‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry is an atheist. Kailyn seems to be getting plenty of push-back now that she has made that admission, especially from fans via Twitter. Lowry actually took the time on Tuesday (April 10) morning to fight back a little to some of the haters.

“So disappointed in the fact that @KailLowry is an athiest. I feel sad for Isaac. Should we blame this on your mom? Oh and Jo too? SMH (sic),” tweeted a fan of the ‘Teen Mom.’ Of course, it wasn’t until several hours later that Kailyn Lowry was able to respond, which she did with plenty of sarcasm:

“Would you stop? Why do you care so much about what I believe? There are people who worship a devil & you’re worried about me?!” That’s right, fans are so worried about Kailyn’s religion (or lack of religion in this case) that they are willing to hound the girl on Twitter. Somehow Kailyn Lowry is 100 percent right in what she said. It doesn’t have any affect on this other person’s life. What she does is her own business. Just because you watch ‘Teen Mom’ doesn’t give you the right to put down others for their beliefs.

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