‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Absent Parents

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Thanks to Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry is well known. She has opened her life up to teach other young girls the hardships of being a young mother and now, she is opening up about why she thinks she became a young mother to begin with.

Kailyn talked to The Stir about her life as a teen mom and, it turns out, she has given a lot of thought as to what led her to make some risky decisions. Kail has never had a lot of family support and she actually blames the fact that both of her parents were absent on her choice to “seek attention.” Of course, it was that attention seeking that eventually led to her becoming pregnant and, even though it has been hard, she doesn’t regret it! In fact, she is very happy in her life right now (and may or may not be married, but that is a completely different story!). It’s sad that Kail has never really had support, but believe it or not, that is actually helping her to be a better mother to Isaac.

Kailyn told the site, “I learned everything not to do. I learned what not to do, how to be there for Isaac, being that I never had someone there for me. I’m kind of doing the opposite of what my mom did.”

Fans love the Teen Mom 2 star because she is mature and grounded. She hasn’t let the fame go to her head and she has even said that she doesn’t consider herself famous. It is candid interviews like this one that make fans love her even more. There is no doubt that Kailyn Lowry is a good mom to her son and is educating teen girls at the same time.

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