‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Is an Atheist

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Not all the Teen Moms spent the weekend eating ham and hunting Easter eggs. Kailyn Lowry traveled to Texas to spend some time with her family and, as it turns out she does not celebrate Easter—or Christmas for that matter!

Of course, fans of the show may have been a little confused, especially since during Christmas, Kailyn was filmed exchanging gifts with her son, Isaac. According to Kailyn, though, that is what she was “told to do.” Is she referring to MTV? It’s hard to say, but it is odd. Of course, fans know that the girls have certain contractual obligations to meet and perhaps the network doesn’t want to talk about the religious aspect when they are already talking about a touchy subject, teen pregnancy.

So, what about little Isaac? When a fan asked Kailyn why Isaac wasn’t with her she replied, “Spending the holiday with his dad. I don’t celebrate Easter.”

Kailyn confirmed that she is an atheist and it seems that the Teen Mom doesn’t try to push her beliefs on her son, which is good. Although having different beliefs can indeed pose problems (especially when it comes to parenting), it looks like she and Jo are able to work around the differences.

Although she may not make headlines as often as some of the other girls, Kailyn Lowry is without a doubt, one of the strongest girls on the show. Even though she doesn’t have a great support system, Kailyn still makes it work and smiles doing it. The fact that she isn’t afraid to voice her beliefs speaks volumes. It proves that she knows exactly who she is and doesn’t care what others think.

Did you know Kailyn Lowry was an atheist? What are your thoughts about that?

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