‘Teen Mom’ Katie Yeager Hates Homewreckers!

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MTV loves drama, and it looks like they may have gotten more than they bargained for when they signed on Katie Yeager for Teen Mom 3. On her episode, Katie and her boyfriend, Joey, were one of the most mature couples that fans had ever been introduced to. In fact, many were surprised that the network picked the Wyoming couple due to their lack of drama. However, the episode was taped almost a year ago and a lot has changed!

There was a time when the two were engaged to be married, and Katie was even showing off her ring. Unfortunately, it looks like Joey decided to cheat on the mother of his daughter with another single mom. Is that dramatic enough, MTV?!

Of course, Katie is a responsible girl and, after allegedly catching Joey in the act, promptly left. The typically sweet girl had some harsh words for the girl, though, tweeting, “A homewrecker is a type of girl I will never understand. Hope you’re happy b*tch.”

This certainly is sad news for Katie Yeager who is set to appear on Teen Mom 3. Hopefully, though, she can use this to her advantage and teach girls an even greater lesson now. Even when things appear to be perfect, they are never for sure. On 16 & Pregnant, she proved that she was a strong mother with big dreams. While there is no doubt she is crushed, Katie will be able to get through this.

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