‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Attacked: Wants Justice

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Leah Messer was one of the girls who chose to share her story of teen motherhood on the show Teen Mom. Viewers have watched her struggles with her marriage and with raising twin daughters. As a result, she has gained a huge fan base of followers who support her. Unfortunately, anyone who has fans also has haters and Leah’s are vicious. Typically, their attacks only go as far as cyber-bullying, but recently, a few allegedly took it a step further.

On February 19, Leah and her fiancé, Jeremy Calvert, decided to take in a movie. When the movie ended, they headed outside to their vehicle, but were confronted by a group of women following them and calling Leah names. While little details have been released, it has been reported that a brawl ensued, leaving the Teen Mom with a bruise on her face.

It took a few days, but talk regarding the incident calmed down, but that doesn’t mean Leah is just forgetting about the incident. A source talked to Ok! Magazine and said that the identities of the attackers are known.

How is Leah handling the situation? Another source said, “Leah is going after them. She wants justice and she’ll stop at nothing to make sure it’s done.”

While most celebrities are used to dealing with harsh comments, it is easy to ignore the virtual words (though they still hurt). Few have to deal with being confronted while out and the attack reportedly left Leah scared.

Despite her fears, she went to New York City this weekend with her fiancé to tape the Teen Mom reunion special. While she still goes out and lives her life, the attack had to leave her a little more cautious of those around her.

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