‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Gets “Jumped”

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The girls of Teen Mom have had to endure a lot of drama in their lives. Every week, a new rumor is making the tabloid rounds, trying to bring the girls down. Many have taken action to stop the hate against them, mostly by stepping away from social networking. Kailyn Lowry recently reduced her tweets, while Leah Messer went off the site almost completely. While the girls may be able to get away from the drama in the online world, sadly they are still faced with it in the real world.

Leah learned that the hard way over the weekend. She and her boyfriend, Jeremy, went to the movies intending to have a good time. However, Leah ended up getting “jumped” by some girls outside of the theatre.

Details of what happened and why are sketchy, but her mother broke the news on Twitter, asking if anyone knew who attacked her daughter. Obviously, fans were worried, but got reassurance when Leah’s mom tweeted:

“Ty ALL for your sweetness! Leah is good”

Bullying on Facebook and Twitter is one thing, but attacking someone is another. Leah can obviously shut herself off from the internet to get away from the cyber-bullying, but she should in no way be afraid to leave her house. People often argue that these girls chose to air their lives in public and need to deal with the backlash. However, there has to be a line somewhere as to when enough is enough.

Luckily, Leah Messer is okay and the names of the girls are known by Leah’s mom (after one decided to publicly talk about the jumping on Facebook after it happened. Seriously.). Hopefully, the matter can be handled accordingly and Leah can go on living her life, without having to fear going out.

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