‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Quitting Twitter?

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The most recent episode of Teen Mom showed Leah Messer confessing to Corey Simms that she had cheated on him before their wedding. Obviously, Leah knew there was going to be backlash, but no one could have imagined it was going to be as harsh as it has.

People have one to cyber-bullying lengths all because they don’t agree with what Leah did. She has been called names and even told to kill herself, which no young girl should have to hear. Her Official Facebook Fan Page was taken down after the show to stop the harsh comments and now, Leah is taking it once step further and toning down Twitter.

On Thursday, Leah posted a six-part tweet to her fans in which she explained why she would be stepping back. She won’t be deleting her verified account, but will be making a personal (protected) Twitter so that she can interact with those close to her. Leah said, “There is too much drama on here & I need space from it all.”

This seems like a good move for Leah Messer. No matter what she posts, at least one hater makes a snide remark that is completely unnecessary. She did add that she would be on the account on Tuesday nights, which is incidentally when new episodes of Teen Mom air.

Leah said, “I will ONLY be on this Twitter on Tuesdays for the time being or to post an important UPDATE, but it will be ACTIVE so do NOT un-follow. (:”

All of these girls have faced backlash at one time or another, but never to such a high degree. Leah Messer made a mistake and has admitted that time and time again, so is it fair for her to endure such harsh comments? Leah and Corey still get along and both love their twin daughters very much. Hopefully Leah can come back to her Twitter full-time after the hate calms down.

Do you think she is making the right decision?

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