‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Returns to Twitter (Temporarily)

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Teen Mom fans, rejoice! Leah Messer has returned to Twitter. Well, at least she has for tonight anyway.

You may remember that after last week’s episode aired, Leah faced a lot of backlash and people said some extremely hurtful things to her. Not wanting to deal with the cyber-bullying, she turned over administration of her Official Facebook fan page made a personal Twitter account solely for family and friends. However, she did say she would return to her Twitter on Tuesday nights and she kept good on her word!

Leah tweeted, “Hey Ya’ll!! Im back! Needed a small break! Happy V-Day! Cant believe its the season finale, who’s ready!? How is everyone!?”

Fans were excited to see her back. She almost seemed surprised at the amount of support she has been getting from her legion of fans. Immediately, they started tweeting her, and she promised that she would try to get back to them all, but when you have a following of well over 300,000 fans, returning tweets can get hard.

She thanked them for their support by saying, “WOW!! Im so happy to be back on, reading everyone’s tweets and it blows me away! Thank u sooo!!!!”

Of course, Leah Messer is already preparing for the backlash that is sure to come tonight. As a matter of fact, she and fellow Teen Mom Chelsea Houska are both preparing. After Chelsea mentioned that Leah’s part on tonight’s episode is sad, Leah, kept a positive attitude and replied, “Yay, but u cant believe everything you watch and see you know that;) …we’ll be fine! Meaning u too!”

Obviously, tonight’s episode will be hard for all of the girls, considering it is the season finale and it is sure to be full of drama. Leah seems to have a much more positive attitude, now that she has stepped back from social networking. It is great that she is realizing how many of her fans support her.

So, is she back for good? Probably not. She said she would only be using her verified Twitter for Teen Mom nights and important updates, so it seems that this is just a one night thing for now. Perhaps in the future though she will come back.

Are you excited for the Teen Mom 2 season finale?

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