‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s Fan Page Goes Down after Harsh Comments

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The girls of Teen Mom have to deal with their lives play out on television. As the newest season airs, Leah Messer is forced to relive some heartbreaking moments, including her divorce.

Obviously, this is not something anyone would ever want to do, but Leah is trying to handle it the best she can. Despite that, she is still a young girl, and a lot of people tend to forget that. During the show (which showed Leah admitting to cheating on Corey), people made some pretty hurtful comments about Leah on her official Facebook fan page. Leah and her mom are both admins on the page, but her close friend Amy runs the bulk of it. Out of respect for Leah, she took the page down for a few days when the bashing became just too much.

Leah retweeted the announcement, which said, “Fanpage is down for a while. Subscribe to Leah’s personal & we will let you know when its back.” Leah’s mother asked that the page remain down until at least Friday.

How much is too much? These girls have to deal with constant ridicule for everything they do. Add on the pressure that MTV has to condense their lives into an hour-long show and it is obvious that there is a lot the viewers don’t see. However, that doesn’t seem to stop people from bashing and hating.

Fellow Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry had to deal with the bashing as well, tweeting, “Here comes all the sh*t talking. #icanfeelitalready I was 18 & confused, sue me,” which, incidentally, was retweeted by Leah Messer.

It’s one thing for someone to give input and to have an opinion, but there should never be name-calling, especially when these girls have so much to deal with already. They don’t need the added drama.

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