Teen Mom on MTV Made Me Cry

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Okay, I will admit it, I have become addicted to a tv show on MTV. MTV is one of those stations that I never even realized we had until recently, but then one night I discovered Teen Mom.

Yesterday they were showing the Teen Mom series back to back, and oh my…I was in tears. My husband must have thought that I was crazy, because I was sobbing! Seriously, the show is powerful that I had to sit with a box of tissues. While I have heard talk about the show Teen Mom encouraging young girls to become pregnant, I would think that it would do the opposite.

By no means does it glamorize the lives of teen parents, it shows the truth, the hurts, the fears, the financial struggles and the many issues that teen parents face, when they become parents at such a young age. It follows girls from all backgrounds and living different lives, with the father of their child, without him in the picture at all, and even a couple that chose to give their child up for adoption to give her a better life than they had or could offer.

Now, why did this show make me cry? I was not a teen mom, and I am so relieved that I weren’t. I did; however, have my first son at the beginning of my second year in college, and it was not a walk in the park. I faced so many of the same issues that these teenage girls are facing. Everything from the family pressures, school, finances, relationship and more.

With the help of the father of my child (now husband for many years), my mother-in-law and friends I made it through college. Not only did I make it through college, but I graduated summa cum laude. It was rough though, very rough, but my sons was amazing.

I would sit up all night studying, and then when I got home from school, we would take a nap together. There were times, where I had to bring him to class, because I had no babysitter, and the teachers encouraged me to bring him back, not only because he was so good and quiet, but also because it showed the rest of the class that if I could be a mom and do my work, they sure could too.


Anyway, it really brought memories, and when I found out I was pregnant, I did not even dare to dream that I would one day be married to my baby’s father. Yet, here I am almost nine years later, and we now have three boys together.

So am I the only one addicted to Teen Mom? Am I the only one the show touches so much that it makes me cry?

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