‘Teen Mom’ Recap: ‘By the Rules’

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The new episode of Teen Mom aired Tuesday night and showed some changes for the girls.

Maci Bookout

Maci and Kyle find a house, and she breaks the news to Ryan when he and Dalis pick up Bentley. However, Maci isn’t the only one with a surprise! Ryan and Dalis purchased a puppy and that excites Bentley. Ryan is considering finally legalizing his rights. Bentley doesn’t like the new house, though, despite having a big back yard. He even has a hard time falling asleep there (poor guy!).

Farrah Abraham

Farrah is having a hard time juggling school and raising a baby. Luckily, she has her new boyfriend, Daniel, to help her. The two are planning a trip to Austin, and while her mom will be going to Florida to watch Sophia, Farrah has bigger plans for her daughter. She is hoping that her mom will take Sophia for a while longer than a month so that she can catch up with school. Debra agrees and comes to Florida to watch Sophia and to meet Daniel. Debra likes Daniel, and although Farrah may no longer be with Daniel, he seems like a great guy.

Amber Portwood

Amber is upset that Gary seems to be taking trips all the time and pawning Leah off on his mom. This episode shows how hard things are getting for her. Fresh out of rehab, all she wants is her daughter, and it is nearly impossible for her to get adequate time with her. CPS will not allow Leah to sleep over with her mom, and when Amber Portwood tries to go to Gary’s mom’s house, she isn’t there. She eventually gets ahold of everyone, sees Leah, and explains that they all need to communicate better.

Catelynn Lowell

Tyler goes with his mom and Catelynn’s mom to Butch’s arraignment. He represents himself and asks the judge to let him out so that he can do some research. He tells him that is not possible, and Butch is not allowed out. Tyler takes the situation pretty hard (which is understandable). Catelynn Lowell takes the opportunity to spend time with her mother, April, who admits that she is ready to get clean.

This is the final season of Teen Mom so be sure to catch each episode!

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