‘Teen Mom’ Recap for ‘Homecoming’

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The new episode of Teen Mom showed some intense situations for the girls and not all of them were good!

Maci Bookout

Maci decides it is time to finish school for real. She has been attending for three years and isn’t close to having her degree yet (of course, it is a lot harder to find time for schoolwork when you have a kid!) She bogs herself down with five classes before speaking to an adviser and settling on a part-time schedule. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much shown about Kyle King and his relationship with Maci, so fans are still waiting to see how that plays out.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah definitely gets along with her parents better when she isn’t around them, but they still know how to make her skin crawl 1,500 miles away. She and Sophia make plans to go home so that Farrah can get her braces off, but not before she talks to her therapist about the parent situation. After a pep talk, they make the trek, but things don’t go that well. While she is excited that her sister, Ashley, plans to go back to Florida with her for a visit, her mother, Debra, also decides that she wants to make the trip. Not only that, but she plans on taking Sophia back to Iowa with her when she heads back to Iowa. The Teen Mom is not happy. To make matters worse, she and her father (err, Michael) try to enjoy a nice lunch, but things don’t go well when he brings up wanting Sophia to visit.

Catelynn Lowell

Not much happened with Catelynn and Tyler was barely seen, but she was able to attend a support group for birth moms. There, Catelynn is able to let out her emotions regarding the adoption to people who understand her situation all too well.

Amber Portwood

Amber is still in rehab, but was visited by Gary and Leah. Gary and Amber try to work out their relationship, but a lot of emphasis is put on her visit with Leah. It is obvious that little girl loves her mom, which makes the harsh realization that she won’t get to see her mom for a few years that much sadder.

What did you think of this episode of Teen Mom?

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