‘Teen Mom’ Recap: ‘Fresh Starts’

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The new episode of Teen Mom showed “Fresh Starts” for everyone! Farrah getting along with her mom, Bentley going to preschool, Catelynn and Tyler getting ready for school, and Amber coming home from rehab!

Farrah Abraham

Farrah’s mom is still visiting, and she watches Sophia while Farrah goes on a date with Daniel. The date seemed to go well, but Daniel doesn’t call back, leaving Farrah semi-disappointed, but she has to get everything on track because she is getting ready to start classes! Things are starting to really look up for Farrah and, the icing on the cake is that she and her mother have dinner and they don’t even fight! Farrah gets a text from Daniel and they go on a second date – horseback riding! The two seem to have a good time and Farrah doesn’t seem as uptight with Daniel as she did on the date with her neighbor.

Maci Bookout

Maci has a hard time sending Bentley to preschool and it is hard on the little guy as well. She has to remind Ryan to pick him up from preschool and he still doesn’t think that Bentley needs to be in preschool. Although he doesn’t like the idea, he claims he will check it out. Ryan doesn’t pick Bentley up from preschool and Bentley is sad (don’t worry, Maci and Kyle went to the rescue!) Ryan talks to his parents about preschool and they don’t seem on board with it either and encourage him to try for joint custody. Why is everyone so against putting a child in preschool, though? Bentley loves it! Staying at home is great, but he is getting to interact with kids his own age and he needs that.

Catelynn Lowell

Tyler is excited to start school in the fall, and while Catelynn is ready to start, too, she seems to be putting it off which kind of upsets Tyler. She knows that she either wants to be a teacher or a pregnancy counselor, but is having trouble getting motivated. Tyler takes a day to spend with his mom and they have a talk which helps Tyler. Catelynn ends up calling about school and seems to finally have motivation.

Amber Portwood

Amber is out of rehab! While she has high hopes, unfortunately, everyone knows how her story ends. She says that she is nervous about going back home and Gary is also nervous. Amber’s mom picks her up at the airport and the next day, Amber finally gets to see her daughter.

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