‘Teen Mom’ Recap: ‘The Next Step’

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The new episode of Teen Mom showed the girls in new situations and offered a lot of heartbreaking moments.

Maci Bookout

Maci and Kyle decide to look at houses after they find out they need to move out of their apartment. Rather than rent, they want to buy. They look at some gorgeous homes and (adorable moment alert!) as they stand outside weighing their options, Bentley sits in the car blowing the horn, letting them know he is getting bored. Maci talks with her friend about buying a house and she admits that she isn’t ready to get married, but sees the benefits of buying over renting. Maci Bookout and her friend agree that the likelihood of she and Kyle breaking up is low (yeah, look how that turned out, but hey, they are back together!) They end up finding a house and put in an offer. Ryan doesn’t seem to mind that Maci wants to buy a house and even reveals that he wants to try for joint-custody of Bentley.

Catelynn Lowell

While Cate’s at work, Tyler gets a phone call from April saying Butch beat her up. Although she was talking on the phone to a friend, Butch thought she was talking to another man and wasn’t happy. Catelynn goes to console her mom and sees the physical abuse done which is heartbreaking. She tries to get through to her mother and tells her that she and Butch are toxic together. April admits that she is going to start going to meetings and wants Catelynn to be proud of her. Tyler goes to see April and he takes it pretty hard. It is amazing to see how mature and well-rounded both Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are despite their tumultuous family issues.

Amber Portwood

The Teen Mom is out of rehab and ready to get her life on track. She is excited to finally see her daughter, but Gary seems a little apprehensive about the whole thing. He doesn’t like the idea of Amber dropping by before Leah’s bedtime, which seems mean, but he makes a good point saying that Leah probably wouldn’t go to sleep after seeing her mom. Amber has her cousin call Gary to see if he will be letting Amber see Leah and when Gary obliges, Amber actually calls him a fat a**. These two are toxic together and it continues to become more apparent. Gary is late in dropping off Leah and Amber is not happy and continues calling him names. It doesn’t look like rehab really helped her anger, at least not with Gary. Even though she has her issues, it is obvious that Amber Portwood loves Leah.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah starts school and her love life continues to blossom. She and Daniel have another date and she decides that it is time for Sophia to meet him. As the two are getting ready, Sophia is throwing a tantrum and Farrah is afraid that could scare Daniel away. However, the date goes incredibly well and Daniel seems like a great guy. It is hard for a single mom to find a man willing to take on the responsibility of a child, but Daniel is up to the challenge. He even goes back to her apartment and Skype’s with Farrah Abraham’s mom. Yeah, he is definitely a keeper!

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