‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Special Recap

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Teen Mom may technically be over, but the girls sat down with Dr. Drew for a reunion special on Tuesday night to tie-up some loose ends from the season.

Amber Portwood was unable to attend, but she wrote a letter which Dr. Drew read to the audience. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until next week to hear more about Amber (as well as Maci Bookout and Kyle King.)

This week, though, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra talked with Dr. Drew. They revealed their wedding plan which, fans will already know, is set to take place next summer. However, things weren’t all lighthearted and fun as the couple talked about their past. Even though Catelynn and Tyler are incredibly mature for their age, they weren’t always that way! In fact, they talked about their rough childhoods and admitted that they were “bad kids.”

An audience member asked Catelynn’s thoughts on a teen that wants to choose adoption, but thinks that raising a baby will help strengthen the romantic relationship. Out of all the original couples from the show, only Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are still together and they attribute that to choosing adoption for their daughter.

April Baltierra made an appearance on the show. She is now sober and hoping to get visitation with Carly. Catelynn admits that it is out of her hands, but that she has been talking to Carly’s adoptive parents in hopes that they will let April see her granddaughter. Tyler also talked about Butch and admitted that he never sent the letter that he wrote to him saying that he “can’t give up on the guy.”

After Cate and Ty, Dr. Drew talked to Farrah Abraham about her relationships. In her opinion, she feels that her past two boyfriends (Adam and Daniel) dated her solely because she is on Teen Mom. Dr. Drew inquired about the whole ring thing (Farrah kept hinting at marriage to Daniel) and Farrah justified it again, saying she needs someone who is ready to commit. Farrah Abraham also opened up about Derek, breaking down.

A lot of people slam Farrah for being disrespectful to her parents, but she opened up about her feelings for them. As she spoke, it was easier to understand why she lashes out against them since she has a lot of bottled up feelings and emotions from her childhood.

Be sure to tune in next week to catch up with Maci Bookout, Kyle King, Ryan Edwards, and Dalis Connell. Also, fans will get an update on Amber Portwood.

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